Customized ERP
Every firm has its particular requirements because everyone wants to be unique. The needs of some businesses can be fulfilled by default ERP solution, but most of them require custom erp Software development. At Mydiaone, we have broad experience in developing, customizing, and integrating ERP solutions that suit your business. Anything you are imagining, we are here to convert it in reality.

Enterprise Software

We develop software according to your needs based on advanced technologies. Your work-flow clarity and productivity will be increased while using our enterprise software. All of this will lead you to generate maximum revenue.
Web Development
We know that the important things in life are not experiences yet, so we're going to create sites that represent your business and abilities in our new virtual world. Since then, business has shifted from mortar and blocks which is why you need to place everything behind your site and advanced proximity in general. What does innovation look like? How could one directly generate more business in that tough business world? Let us spare your costs and improve your profitability. In close cooperation with our customers, we provide excellent Web Development Services, transforming a customer idea into a working solution.
Digital marketing
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other networks are simply a part of daily life for millions, in fact, billions of us. The global use of Facebook extends to more than a quarter of the earth’s folks- that is more than 2 billion active users. With such a comprehensive degree, it is no big surprise that these applications have become such an important social media platform for organizations. In case you are not posting on Facebook, drifting on Twitter, or sharing pictures on Instagram, you are out of date – yet we can help.
The software will be perfect if users are satisfied with it, and if any software has several modules and functions, but users are not happy with it, then it will be useless. Our talented developers are focused on designing software with the best User Interface and experience that interact with users. We assure you that while using our products, you will generate more traffic that will enhance your business. Ultimately it will be the best reward for you.
Mobile Application
Advance in cell phone technology, cell Phone is usage has become a core activity of every individual. A considerable number of mobile apps are in the industry, but some of them get the attention of people. We are developing such apps that are up-to-date, bugs free, and exceptional to have the attention of people.

Specialist iOS Developers

Our remarkable team of iOS developers working to overcome all your needs regarding iOS.
Graphic Design
Success online is multifaceted in the modernized age. While sites rich in words can help you be found within search results, attracting visitors, and converting sales is often influenced by the audio-visual impact. Beautiful colors, high-res. pictures, expressive designs, and connecting with recordings can enable dormant buyers better understand your support and services, and products they see, literally, the benefits they offer. The influential correlation between professional graphic design and business development is symbolized in our graphic creation. Investing in graphic design services sets a brand apart from competitors and associates business identity with an effectual symbol, icon, logo, or image.
System Infrastructure
System Infrastructure
We bring many years of experience in providing steadfast System Infrastructure Services and solutions for companies and individuals. We offer a wide variety of support and supervision contracts ranging from single per incident projects to enterprise-class administration and outsourcing in Linux server network management. We can also work with any custom Linux installation. We have in-depth experience in solving all types of Linux and network related problems. We work with your organization to provide a cost effective and expert solution to any Linux related need.

Major issues/services we deal with are following:

Talent Acquisition Services
Talent Acquisition
We know the importance of good talent in an organization and we are focused on helping the host of talent acquisition solutions tailored to your needs. We can connect your company with highly qualified applicants making the process seamless. We partner with you to ensure business results. We realize that applicants are your expensive reserve and subsequently we are focused on discovering the top-notch talents with the help of our strategic planning and thoughtful procedure. We are pleased to enhance your recruitment strategy and provide you with guidance on employing the best practice. Also, help you with remuneration benchmarking on existing market tariffs.